Green Crab

Abundance , Distribution, and Mitigation of Green Crab

The European green crab (Carcinus maenas) has successfully invaded estauries and protected harbours from Port aux Basques to Port au Choix, along the west coast of Newfoundland (NL). Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nations (Qalipu) and Mi’kmaq Alsumk Mowimsikik Koqoey Association (MAMKA) have been studying and mitigating green crab in Bay St. George and Bay of Islands since 2009. We conducted rapid assessments and focused removal along a ~270 km latitudinal range from late July to early October to determine the abundance and distribution of green crab in western NL. We successfully removed 8050 green crab from all sites, with 3867 crab removed from Penguin Arm, Bay of Islands, over three nights. This year was the first step towards meaningful reductions of green crab in western NL and has set the framework for upcoming studies investigating the effects of green crab on eelgrass communities. The protection of this significant habitat is essential for maintaining healthy coastal ecosystems and conserving commercially, culturally, and recreationally important species.

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Colemans Poster

Healthy Eating at “Seal Fest” this Weekend!

Fresh food harvested from the land and sea close to home are among the best choices we can make for a healthy diet and a healthy life.  Seal, for example, has healthy fats that our bodies need.  Health Canada – Nutrition Recommendations for Canadians says “Omega-3 polyunsaturated known as one of the “good” fats, found in seal products, are essential nutrients for maintaining good health, normal growth and development”

It’s also worth noting that although there’s a lot of negative hype, especially among some celebrities, Seal hunting and processing is sustainable industry in Newfoundland and Labrador so, you can feel good about this food choice.

Seal Fest, hosted by Coleman’s in Mount Pearl, Stephenville and the Gardens in Corner Brook, will feature talented local chef’s teaching people creative ways to prepare seal.  I encourage all of you to come out and learn more about this healthy, natural food.  See you there!

-Renée Dyer, Manager of Health Services


Are you Interested in being a Professional Hunting/Fishing Guide?

Qalipu First Nation, in partnership with Arluk Outfitters, is currently seeking 3 members to participate in a Qalipu/Arluk Guide Initiative.   Up to three individuals who have a keen interest in pursuing careers as professional hunting and fishing guides will be hired.  These individuals will serve as assistant guides and will work under the direct supervision and mentoring of experienced Arluk guides.  We anticipate the work period to extend from mid to late June to mid to late October, 2016 with a minimum of 12 worked weeks.  The normal work week will be Monday-Saturday, 8 hours per day.  During periods when clients are at the lodge, guiding may require more than 8 hours per day.  Rate of pay is $1,000 per week.  Apply by May 11.

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Maw-pemita’jik Qalipu’k April Newsletter

In this month’s edition of Maw-pemita’jik Qalipu’k you will find helpful information about the recent Qalipu Enrolment update, some pictures from workshops that were held across the Wards, a beginner Mi’kmaw language lesson, employment assistance for new grads, a sneak peak into a diary from 1857 and much more.  Please read on and stay in touch.

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Understanding the Recent Enrolment Update

Excerpt from the Indian and Northern Affairs Canada website regarding the recent update to the Qalipu Enrolment process

“Applications determined to be invalid: In April 2016, the Government of Canada and the Federation of Newfoundland Indians (FNI) announced:

  • Applicants with an application determined to be invalid have an opportunity to correct their applications for review by the Enrolment Committee.
  • The Enrolment Committee will add four members (two from the Government of Canada and two from FNI).
  • The deadline for the Enrolment Committee to review applications has been extended to no later than January 31, 2017. The deadline for the completion of the appeals process is now September 30, 2017.

If you have applied for membership and your address has changed since September 2011, please update your contact information.”

Click here to read more of this information Bulletin which addresses any questions you may have.

For assistance from Qalipu, please contact:

Charmaine Bath (Glenwood Office)
(709) 679-2142
Toll free 1-855-263-6440

Nancy O’Connell (Corner Brook Office)
(709) 634-4010

March 12 cover

Council Meeting Report March-12-2016

On March 12 the Qalipu Chief and Council held a regular meeting in St. George’s at the Ktaqmkuk Mi’kmaq Museum. The meeting’s primary purpose was to receive the Finance Committees report, and to pass the proposed budgets and operating plans for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. The meeting also featured guest presentations from a documentary film maker, David Maggs, and Kirby Mercer, President of Beothuk Energy. Other items included follow up on support of the Aboriginal Sports Circle, approval of the Privacy Policy, and ratification of a motion to increase Councilor Honorariums by $2000 annually

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Breaking news

Update on the Review of Applications Previously Determined to be Invalid in the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation Enrolment Process

April 13, 2016 – Ottawa, ON – Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada

Today, the Honourable Carolyn Bennett, Minister of Indigenous and Northern Affairs, and Brendan Mitchell, Chief of the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation, provided an update on the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation Enrolment Process.

In March, Canada and the Federation of Newfoundland Indians (FNI) announced they will give individuals the opportunity to correct and provide additional documentation in support of their application for review by the Enrolment Committee.

This decision is a result of collaborative efforts between Canada and the FNI to give a broad application to the Foster and Howse court decisions and provide applicants a fair opportunity to demonstrate they should be founding members of the First Nation.

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Work with Parks Canada this Summer!

Would you like to work in with an organization known throughout the world?  Parks Canada protects some of the most special places in Canada, including Gros Morne National Park, L’Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site and Port au Choix National Historic Site on the west coast of Newfoundland.  

This summer, in partnership with the Qalipu First Nation, Parks Canada is offering unique employment opportunities to Qalipu students and members.

Employment opportunities include Park Attendant, Heritage Presenter, Interpreter and Resource Conservation Technician Student.

Click here to view job descriptions and how to apply

*Deadline: All applications must be received by 4:00 P.M. on Friday April 22nd, 2016.
Thank you to all applicants who apply; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Ralph Eldridge, Director of Service Qalipu, with Dave Feaver, General Manager at Parkway Hyundai

Qalipu Members Receive $500 off Vehicle Purchase

We are pleased to announce that for the month of April Parkway Hyundai in Corner Brook will waive the $500 fee for vehicle delivery to Conne River.  This deal has come about as part of a Qalipu First Nation initiative seeking companies that can offer group discounts, promotions and other benefits to our membership.

Dave Feaver, General Manager at Parkway Hyundai, has started a promotion that many of our members will be pleased to hear about.  If you buy a new car with Hyundai this month, you won’t have to pay the added cost of having it delivered to the Conne River reserve.

The standard price in Corner Brook to have a dealership transport the vehicle from Corner Brook to Conne River to is $500.  This savings, combined with other deals being offered this month including dealer invoice pricing and increasing trade-in values by $500, is a deal we know that our members will want to know about.

Visit the Parkway Hyundai website here

Note: The $100.00 administrative fee charged in Conne River is not included in this promotion.

Addiction way out problem sign. Prevention and cure addiction problem concept.

Dealing with Addictions

Drug and alcohol addictions affect more than the addicted person; relationships, families and communities all feel the impact of what are often harmful and dangerous addictive behaviors.

Part of the role of the Qalipu Health Services division is to help bring awareness to the programs and services that are available to indigenous communities, and to help individuals receive the care that they need.

If you or someone you know is battling an addiction, you may want to consider exploring Health Canada’s National Native Alcohol and Drug Abuse Program (NNADAP).

The NNADAP community-based programming includes:

  • Prevention
  • Health promotion
  • Early detection and intervention
  • Referral
  • Aftercare
  • Follow-up services

Please click here for more information on NNADAP.

The services available through NNADAP are integrated with a national network of addiction treatment centres which provide culturally relevant in-patient and outpatient programming.To find out more about these treatment centres, click here.

NNADAP can be covered under the NIHB program. If you or someone you known is battling an addiction contact Howard Thistle, Qalipu Mi’Kmaq First Nation’s NIHB Navigator, at 1-855-675-5743 or 1-709-679-5743 to find out more about NNADAP.